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Do IE developers feel guilty?

  Anonymous      2013-07-26 21:21:46      6,129    0

IE won the browser war before Chrome appeared with the help of anti-competitive practices. But with the appearance of more and more easy-to-use and fast browsers, people start to hate IE and leave IE. It seems IE is not a product of modern age. Do IE developers feel guilty about this?

Everything is contextual. The browser that most people hate today is IE6, which, at the time was one of the best browsers on the planet (it didn't win the Browser Wars, Round One, by accident). It was built on "internet-time" before a lot of the security issues it suffered from were even well-understood in the industry, and often before many of the specifications that people get all excited about were even in a gleam in anyone's eye.
It wasn't the IE developer's fault that the company decided to refocus efforts away from IE to other things, leaving IE6 as the only version of IE for several years. It was dubious strategic thinking by senior managers at the company.
Very few of the developers currently working on IE worked on IE6, and most of them hate IE6 more than you do. A lot of the work on IE7, 8 and 9 has been fixing, patching, and rewriting almost every part of IE to make it a "modern browser" (even as the working definition of "modern browser" evolves to suit the whims of the digerati), while still supporting the millions of customers that are dependent in some way on IE's existing behavior. It's hard work, akin to changing the wheels on a NASCAR vehicle during the Daytona 500.

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