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C++, Ruby and CoffeeScript complexity comparison

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There are many programming languages around the world, they all designed to help programmer solve some problems, finish some tasks. These languages are often divided into different types, there are structural, object-oriented, functional, scripting languages etc. Some are easy to pick up such as Java, while some are thought to be difficult to learn such as C++. So how do we understand complexities of different programming languages?

Many people agree that C++ is very complex languages, it has pointers, templates, multiple inheritance etc. But how complex is it? C++ Rocks made some comparisons of complexities of  three different programming languages : C++, Ruby and CoffeeScript.

CoffeeScript and Ruby are dynamically typed so they are significantly different from C++. However, all three are multi-paradigm general purpose languages, supporting (to a reasonable degree at least) object oriented, functional, procedural and generic programming. So this post is about C++ vs. dynamically typed languages.

In C++, Ruby, CoffeeScript: A visual comparison of language complexity. The author drawed three pictures to illustrate the complexity of these three languages. First for CoffeeScript, it has a total of 68 concepts divided into 8 major groups. Ruby is clearly more complicated, with 96 concepts in 11 major groups. It’s got a more sophisticated class model than CoffeeScript, as well as things like constants, blocks and operator overloading. There are 186 concepts in 18 groups on this diagram, double the number of Ruby concepts and almost 3 times more than in CoffeeScript!

For the detail of the complexities of each language, please visit :



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