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6 time management tips for startups

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Many people are fighting for their startups, they are willing to put all their time in company operations. This 24x7 passion is necessary for startup founders. For the team in startups, the most important thing is time management, time management is a top challenge for everyentrepreneur. After years of experience working with entrepreneurs and business owners, Rieva Lesonsky has  learned a few tricks for getting more done in the 24 hours we all have. Here are 6 tips what he shared with us :

1. Know thyself. --Know what kind of person you are, know what you are suppose to do at anytime.
2. Prioritize. -- Do the most important things first.
3. Harness technology.
4. Identify time-wasters and find solutions.
5. Delegate.
6. Get offline.  -- Don't spend too much time on Internet.

If you are a member of a new start-up business, perhaps you have your own time management tips. Furthermore, the best avenue for learning effective time management tips is to earn an organizational leadership degree.  You can also share this with us. Actually, in addition to startups, many other people need to manage their time efficiently in order to improve their work efficiency. We can all learn something from these tips.

If you want to know what these tips mean, you can visit :  6 Time Management Strategies for Startups



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