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Boeing is developing Android phone?

  Peter      2012-04-15 01:45:14      2,447    0

Boeing is also involved in to the mobile Internet? It is said to be true. Recently, the Journal of the American national defense disclosure, Boeing is developing a super-safe Android phone.

The magazine said Boeing President Roger Krone said this is Boeing's first foray into research and development of communication devices using the cellular network. Security infrastructure sector vice president Brian Palma said the
mobile phone code-named "the Boeing Phone" has entered the final stage , is expected to release later this year.

The two executives did not disclose the specific configuration information, but they said the phone's price will be lower than the price of safety mobile phones already on the market (average price of $ 15,000 to $ 20,000). But the price can not be as low as the public point of consumption, after all, the phone's main target customers are  for the security needs of the military and spy agencies and other commercial organizations.

Editor's note: if Boeing really wants to be involved in mobile Internet. They can seek cooperation with Google. Also they can put much effort on how to make the phones available on planes without interfering the airplane's navigation system.

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