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Should we be worried about the win of AlphaGo?

The biggest event today is the match between AlphaGo(The AI system from Google) ad Lee Sedol. The result of the first match is that AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol. There will be another four matches in following days. After today's match, many people are happy to see that AlphaGo wins, but many others are worrying about that human beings are defeated by machines. Should we be worried of the win of AlphaGo? Will we be replaced by machines in the future? What's your opinion about AI?



They will always be tools of human beings no matter how smarter they become in the future. Some may worry about that people may lose their jobs becuase of the development of AI. That should not be worry at all since human beings no need to work at all when that day comes. People can do wahtever they want without worrying about how to make a living.

Another thing people may worry about is that someday machine can be smarter than people and human beings loses the control of the machines they build. OK, they may be smarter but they will never be more creative. People will finally find a way to control them.

So just embrace the new evolution and work for the best of the future.

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At least at the comment, human beings should not be worried about the development of AI. Although they win human beings in Go, they are stil just tools. They cannot understand human emotions, they cannot understand why they win, how people are dicussing about it. They are just being human beings in areas where something is finite and deterministic.

But in the future, with the advance of AI research and human being's creativity, anything can happen. When that days comes, what we really should be worried about is ourselves. We may lose passion to pursue adventures and unknowns in the future. Just as what Innovation Works CEO Kaifu Lee said "once machines are taking care of us, and we all have the fundamental needs in Maslow’s hierarchy met, will humanity still have the willpower to pursue grand challenges and self-actualization? Or will we just float through life in a trance, whiling away the time?"

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What I worry most is that what if people cannot understand how the algorithm works they create. Then the result may not be what the inventors expect. Will that be out of control?

The article Google's Paul Haahr: We Don't Fully Understand RankBrain makes me more worried now.

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Reply to imobdevtech :

Why? Can you be more specific?



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