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6 Promising Ways by Which You Can Enhance the App Testing Process

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Now mobile application industry is exploding with application demands more than ever. According to the latest mobile app technology news the integration of mobile application service with enterprise business is main cause app developing companies are booming. But with this tremendous demands, competition heats up in market and clients are impatient to get the results.


This pressure of a deadline and impatient client,  most times becomes a burden to the developing and QA department. The conventional way of communication and work infrastructure leads to frustration because exceeding the time limit. Among these two teams, there is always tense situation during a project execution.

To make the app development and testing process more efficient with soothing and hassle-free communication CI/CD(continuous integration /delivery) methodology is introduced.With this methodology, you can assure the more productive and trouble-free testing process in app development

Here are 6 points you should give preference to avoid any muddled situation in testing along with the assurance of on time project completion.

Workplace should be Equipped with mobile device cloud facility

Testing of a mobile application isn't a simple process tester needs to perform various actions and compilation. While testing many devices from different location needs to be connected in order to complete the task. As it is not possible to connect one device and simply test all the work.

A company should integrate a locally connected service for the testing lab to all testers to connect devices from various locations. A mobile cloud facility enables the technical person to test the app with accessible service from anyplace.

Collaborative tools will make process easier

For the optimum usage of the mobile cloud service, you need some develop and testing tools. The mobile device service should be compatible to get integrated with the testing tool which allows easy test development environment. Integration of development environment like XCode, Eclipse and Android Studio with mobile cloud service will ensure error free testing.

In order to make your testing department more relaxed, you need to make the open source available to the tester and developers.


Integration of CI- tools for increased productivity

For proper communication and a working channel between testing and developing department CI tools are necessary. CI tools like Hudson, Jenkins, and tool city are essential to establish tension free communication medium. CI tools support the integration and ensure the continuous delivery to testers and developers.

These tools of CI/CD  ensure the overall quality of the codes along with the completion of the task within given time.

Craft Continuous App testing Environment On Every device

When your mobile device cloud service is active and CI tools are integrated successfully. Your testing developing department are working and able to test the app 24*7. Your all devices should be connected to the cloud service testing of the app can be done constantly. The testing cycle should go and on every connected device for great productivity with the standard quality result.

Control or Manage the application, device, and tasks from central location

After your cloud, mobile service is integrated into the testing environment and all CI tool;s are working fine, you need to manage all. With cloud service, all the devices, projects, testing tools can be managed or control from a single dashboard. The admin will be able to look and control the efficient working of the elements in the testing department. The admin can also alert the tester or developer in case of any emergency.

End-to-End QA data analysis

When you done with the testing process, it will leave you with the analysis data. You need to drill down the data at the elementary level for proper execution. Tools you are using will provide you all the analytical data further you need is an end -to-end data analysis to pinpoint the area needs improvement .when the reporting system is centralized the analysis is more reliable and accurate which ultimately helps to determine the root causes.

Testing is a multiplex process and the data that we gather after testing should help in improving the quality.

Relationship between QA and Developer

Successful execution of the testing process highly depends on the relationship of the QA and development team.Communication is the key to making this relationship productive for the app development. CI/CD tools with their interacting functionality ensure the real-time communication with effective results. These two departments are working towards the same goal so they need to go hand in hand with proper understanding. The testing part of the app development process holds a very crucial role it will define the parameters and quality of your app.

While app development process an organization should take care the communication between theses two departments for app success.


These tips will definitely go to enhance the testing process along with the improved results. Increasing smartphones usability creating a high rate demand of mobile application which puts the pressure on app developing industries. Mobile application developing companies should implement these points to testing environment for optimum results.Mobile app technology is evolving day by day which is putting the app developing companies on a test to compete with the change. 


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