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A rigorous methodology to find more defects using Manual Software Testing

  jessica cyrus      2016-06-17 05:14:40      2,199    0

Software development is just one part of the delivery, what is more important is delivering error free work. This can openly be accomplished through Manual Testing Services. However, as one of the principles of software testing states that exhaustive testing is impossible therefore it is important to make sure of rigorous methodology to find more defects using manual testing

Manual software testing to find more defects

Following are few of the ways which would assure you to find more and more bugs in the quickest manner by using Manual software Testing.

  • Reviewing the requirements: Reading and understanding the application requirement is the very first step in software testing. Many times the test cases which are formed are inadequate as the requirements are missed. Hence if it advisable to read the requirements again and again and try and form as many test cases as possible, this would help in testing the application minutely.
  • Consider all dimensions: While forming test cases take into considerations both negative as well as positive test cases. Many times we forget to consider the negative test case.
  • Principle of pesticide paradox: According to this principle of testing, by using only one kind of methodology again and again will not find more bugs, therefore it is important to test each test case with a variety of techniques, such as boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning and many another kind of methods IN Manual Testing Services.
  • Consider external system: Take into consideration the external systems as well. It is possible that while fixing a particular bug, the external system may get disrupted and causes an error. Therefore it is wise to perform regression analysis ate every step.
  • Application setting: While conducting Manual Testing Services, one need to be adventurous needs to apply out of the box ideas, therefore, do not fear to test the application settings which may have bugs.
  • Go an extra mile: Once you are sure everything is fine and good to be shipped, try and test the application on other configurations such as CPU/RAM/operating systems, multiple browsers etc.
  • Refer to the previous bug report: make use of all the documentation.The best possible way to check your work against the actual work is to have a quick read through the previous bug report; this would provide you with a checklist and will also provide you with pointers.
  • Beware of cosmetic bugs: Sometimes we tend to ignore the cosmetic bugs, however, they can pose a problem, therefore in order to reduce the inconvenience they can cause, and it is advisable to get rid of them.
  • Remain proactive: It’s a good idea to jot down the kind of bugs you would like to find. Sometimes the test cases do not provide you with that outlook. Therefore if you feel there is some kind of threat which may pose to be a bug later, then it’s good to be proactive and treat it first-hand with the help of Manual Testing Services
  • Broaden your horizon: Agreed that each test case should be handled separately; however, there is no harm in looking at other test cases side by side if some urgent can be seen. By acting proactively, only reduces the chances of system failure.
  • Give yourself some time: Do not aim to rush through the test case. Once you have finished reading and understanding, .it’s a good idea to return back to it after some time, this provides you with a new blood and gives you new ideas to work on which would help you find more bugs with the help of Manual Testing Services.
  • Learn from others and teach others: Manual Testing Services is a very creative activity, therefore, shares some interesting bugs with others and lend an ear to the bugs found by others.

These ways may help you to find bugs using Manual software testing services. Many Extensions are available for Manual Software Testing which are very useful and you can use them to find more defects. 



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