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Why to Build Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET?

  JatinPanchal      2016-01-25 03:43:26      2,048    0

ASP.NET offers multiple options for fabricating cloud-based web applications. Its features such as the ability to cope up with different platforms including Mac, Linux, and Windows along with its open source nature indicate its efficiency. The various architectural modifications in the core framework have made the system more affable, and modular components make the job easier by simplifying the various implications. 

Microsoft has worked on the roots of this software to render a sophisticated development framework which can be used to formulate apps running in the cloud as well as premises of operation. Users are assured with the guarantee of flexible development solutions owing to the minimal overheads along with modularity in certain components. The cross-platform functionality of ASP.NET framework enables its use across differing platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Let us emphasize some definite features of ASP.NET which make it feasible for formulating web applications.  

  • ASP.NET is undergoing the same phase through which ASP.NET was crafted from ASP. With this change, many features have come to the limelight.
  • Compatibility of ASP.NET with a variety of machines enables users to run this software without the complications of other applications ceasing to work.
  • Cloud computing is in trend nowadays, and application development through features like diagnostics, configuration, session state and the cache has never been easier. 
  • ASP.NET has brought innumerable concepts under one roof by merging elements such as web pages, MVC, and Web API together. 
  • Adaptability of ASP.NET to various programming platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux is a promising option for the majority of programmers. 
  • Developers have the option of saving source files and automatic compilation on refreshing which vouches for faster development in the ASP.NET framework.
  • Finally, the provision for hosting entire applications on IIS or other preferred hosting processes calls for using ASP.NET.

Building modern apps with ASP.NET 5 may appear to be very simple owing to the description of features provided above. However, it involves paying attention to certain significant processes which are enlisted below. Adequate research and information acquisition on various processes associated with web application development is inevitable for every developer. 

  • Novel additions in ASP.NET 5
  • Building websites with ASP.NET MVC 4 and implementing them
  • Devising HTML5 applications with jQuery
  • How to make a service layer using web API
  • How to use development skills to create Office apps
  • Leveraging and formulating social services in ASP.NET
  • Crafting applications compatible with Mobile Web
  • Synchronized  interaction with SignalR
  • Implementing Windows Azure services.
  • Estimating the necessity for upgrades. 

Along with a comprehensive apprehension of the above facets, a web application developer needs to take these elements into consideration too: 

  • New entries in Visual Studio application
  • Establishing the identity of the .NET framework implemented 
  • Katana Project 
  • Entity Framework
  • Essential factors of the internet as well as requisites of the client 

You could gain ample information concerning the above facets from training videos of experts such as Scott Hunter, Rowan Miller, Louis DeJardin, MadsKristensen, PranavRastogi and Levi Broderick.

Jatin Panchal - Project Manager at Leading Web and Mobile Application Development Company - Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd



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