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Why to opt for Hadoop?

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Hadoop is a open source that stores and processes big data. The framework is written in Java for distributed processing and distributed storage of very large data.

Hadoop is Scalable.

It is a scalable platform because it stores and distributed large amount of data sets to hundreds and thousands of servers that operate in parallel. Traditional database systems cannot process large amount of data. But, hadoop enable business to run applications involving thousands of Terabyte data.

Hadoop is Cost Effective.

In traditional database management System, it is cost prohibitive to process mass volumes of data. Earlier, to reduce these costs, ,many companies would segregate the data according to certain assumptions and process it. The raw data is then deleted as it is too costly to keep. This approach will work only in short term process. Hadoop is designed in such a way to store all the data for later use.Instead of costing lakhs of pounds per terabyte, hadoop offers storage capabilities for thousands of pounds.

Hadoop is Flexible.

Hadoop enables to access new data sources easily and switch from a data set to other. Users can can tap into both structured and unstructured data as well. Hadoop derives valuable business insights from sources like email conversations, social media or click stream data. Hadoop can also be used to log processing, data warehousing, recommendation systems, Fraud detection and market campaign analysis.

Hadoop is Fast.

Hadoop storage method is based upon distributed file system, thats maps data located in other cluster. The tools used for processing data is on the same servers where the data is located. This results in much faster data processing. If you are working on large amounts of unstructured data, hadoop is able to process petabytes in hours and terabytes in just minutes.

Hadoop is Resilient to failure.

The key advantage of hadoop is fault resistant. When a data is sent to a other node, the data is also duplicated to other nodes in the same cluster. It means that, in case of any failure, there is another copy available for use.

When handling large data bases in safe and cost effective manner, hadoop has an advantage over RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) and values for any size business.


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