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Latest : Asp.Net 5 Beta 7 Is Now Available

  ethanmillar      2015-09-18 06:33:54      2,336    0 developers can now use the latest update 5 Beta 7 on both NuGet and Visual Studio 2015 to make good development practices. The update also has the first public preview of .Net Execution Environment for Linux and Mac without any need of Mono. To know how to use 5 beta 7, read this article further.

You need to install the update first to use its features with Visual Studio 2015. You can download and install it from Microsoft’s official site.

The update brings the new support in DNX for cross platform. A lot more features are listed and highlighted below-

DNX or .Net Execution Environment

Drop of dot. Developers will use dnx web instead of dnx.web, i.e. they can just type dnx web instead of dnx . web.

  1. Enhanced dnu restore output

Developers can easily see which package sources were used with the help of DNU Restore option.

  1. Identify which .net framework version to run

While running the .net framework, developers can now also use the new framework switch with DNX to know which .net framework version they can use.

  1. Incompatible package dependencies handling

Developers will receive helpful errors while making attempt to consume packages from a DNX based project that do not support project targeted frameworks.

  1. App.config support when running on the entire .net framework

Developers can leverage on System.Configuration in order to access configuration data in app.config using a DNX based console app.

  1. Specifying OS while installation of DNX

Developers have option to use the –os flag to specify the OS while installing DNX with the help of DNVM.


  1. Latest unit testing templates

Developers can have instant access to unit testing for DNX based projects. They are also able to generate a unit testing project from command-line using available generators.

  1. Easy discovery of async tests

Earlier developers were only allowed to write and discover synchronous unit tests for their running DNX projects. But with latest update, they are now able to write and discover asynchronous tests too.

Other updates are-

  • Chunked responses

  • Write behind buffering

  • ViewComponentResult

  • UrlResolutionTagHelper

  • RestrictChildrenAttribute

  • Elements support without end tags

  • Conditional attributes support

  • Refractor class name on file name change

  • Debug logger

  • New project template folder structure

You must try all the features of the latest update 5 Beta 7 and make web development more interesting.



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