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App Store Visibility – A Few Do’s and Don’ts

  Stevejohn      2015-09-01 07:52:24      1,269    0

Discovery and Visibility are the two vital components for any mobile app, if the app publishing company is to derive some amount of revenue from their apps. However, the lack of organized marketing channels, a well-laid user acquisition strategy or even a poorly designed app often reduces the chances of being widely adopted by the users. In short, it hampers the possibility of the app being successful. Here is a list of few things to keep in mind while posting an app to the app stores.

What to ‘DO’ while optimizing your apps for the play store?

  1. Get creative and try creating something unique for the app icon. The icons for an application are the visual representation for the product and they should be interesting enough to convince the user to download the app and align with what they are looking for. You might consider consulting a mobile application development company to generate and determine a few best possible design elements for creating the logo your app.

  2. Reviews and ratings are the social proof that an application is ‘liked’ by the masses. Quickly respond to reviews, besides devising and implementing a strategy that is scalable by incorporating user feedback into the product offering.

  3. Formulate a strong marketing plan and invest in paid as well as organic user acquisition strategies. An increase in the number of app installs would lend credibility to the product, which in turn would increase the probability of a user installing the app.

  4. Linking the Google Play Store listing to your website, social media accounts, press releases or any other consumer-facing channels would help improve organic visibility of the app to the target audiences. This is turn would have a positive impact on the application’s visibility in search results.

  5. Video visualization is yet another creative media to project the core value or functionalities of the app; utilize it to display the features and functions of the application within the app.

What ‘Not to Do’ while publishing your apps to the app stores?

  1. Do not spam or stuff keywords into the title of the app. It is always prudent to keep the title short (possibly not more than 25 characters in length), thoughtful and aligned to your brand offerings.

  2. Never overload the app description section with too many details – keep it concise and precise. The description should act as a call-to-action for that addresses the core value of the product.

  3. Screenshots should be what they mean – a visual narrative for that effectively showcases what the app has in store for their users, enabling them in visualizing the product offering. Localize wherever possible, but never include too much text in the screenshots.

  4. In case you recently updated your app, do not include a confusing or too short message under the “What’s New” segment. Let the users know of what features or updates they can expect with the new release, whether the new version contains just bug fixes or product changes. The idea is to keep the description informative, clear and concise.

  5. It is never prudent to load the user with a deluge of information with the description of the page. Organize and present the body of the page in a concise manner, besides testing varied structural patterns to determine what works best with your app.

An Android App Development Company can offer valuable insights on not only the development of a high-end mobile app, but also empower clients in formulating an app marketing strategy aimed at acquiring more users for you apps.



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