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World leaders who know how to code

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World leaders are those people who have extraordinary speaking skills and are a group of very busy people in most people's impression. But among them, there are a few who know how to program as well. Today we are going to summarize some of them.

Lee Hsien Loong -- Singapore Prime Minister

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister posted a C++ program about Sudoku which he wrote several years ago. He shared the source code on Google Drive as well. 

In 1971, Mr. Lee studied Mathematics at Trinity CollegeUniversity of Cambridge. He was Senior Wrangler in 1973, and graduated in 1974 with first class honours in mathematics and a Diploma in Computer Science (with distinction). With this background, it's not difficult for Mr. Lee to write computer programs. 

Barack Obama -- United States President

Barack Obama is the first president in America's history to write a computer program. Back in 2014, he told the world that everyone should learn how to program. To put this in action, he wrote a simple program to draw a square on the screen. The first line of code president Obama wrote is:


The language he used to write the above code is JavaScript. Although the program is simple, the message it delivers is strong. Everyone in the world should learn how to program, it's not just because it is cool but also because our world is now dominated by codes running on devices existing around all the world. This will last long in the future and hence no one should be lagged behind.



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