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Wireframing: Is it Helpful in Converting PSD to HTML in Web Design?

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The brilliance of your website is solely marked by the way you've got it designed. Many a times, you might have heard the term “wireframing” while discussing about a new website design or redesign project. Well, today in this post, I'll be offering you useful information about wireframing and why it has such a vital role to play in the creation of a perfect-looking and fully-functional website alongwith creative design to convert psd to html. Stick to this write-up and you'll get to know why you must ask your web designer for wireframes pertaining to your website design/re-design project.

What exactly is a Wireframe?

Well, a wireframe is basically a foundation for initiating the website designing/re-designing project. After the site architecture has been determined using a flow chart or site map, it's time to create a wireframe. As simple black and white layouts, wireframes will be outlining specific size of page elements, conversion areas, site features and the overall navigation. Serving as a blue print of your website, wireframes enable you to get a bigger picture of how your site would look when developed completely.

Now, let's get to know the reasons behind the significance of wireframing in web design

  1. An impressive technique of displaying the website-related information visually

It might turn frustrating for you and your client to get an idea of the website via a sitempa that's loaded with links. It is here that wireframes come as a great source of relief. By availing the convenience of laying out the site map visually, you'll be able to see how the pages would be aligned, thereby making the required adjustments before getting on with other aspects of the web design.

  1. Website usability becomes the foremost point of concern

The process of creating wireframes will push the site's usability to the frorefront. That means, it will allow you focus on areas such as website's ease of use, naming of links. Conversion of paths, placement of features as well as the site's navigation as a whole. With wireframes handy with you, it will become convenient for you to detect any flaws that may have entered into the site's basic architecture.

  1. A viable means of constructing the website's layout in addition to placement of content

With the creation of wireframes, it becomes convenient for you to determine the best placement of all your CTAs(Call-to-action). You can always opt for getting in touch with your SEO team for gathering insights on how the information needs to be placed on different web pages.

  1. A handy method of clarifying the features that need to go into the website

If your client isn't tech savvy, he'd probably fail to understand the meaning of terms like news feeds, dynamic slide show, google map integration, light boxes, product filtering etc. It is under such a scenario that the task of building wireframes comes up as the best approach. By developing wireframes, you'll be able to provide your client a clear explanation of how different features would function on your website if you move your design from psd to html with the help of this technique. Plus, he/she will also get to know how these features would prove useful for the end user.

  1. An impressive flexibility of using real words instead of lorem ipsum

Unlike the usage of lorem ipsum, including real words in your wireframes will render a better idea to your client as to how the website would look and feel once it has been developed. Using real text in your call to actions and headings will allow your client to focus on the words instead of getting distracted by the web design. Although the process would consume some of your precious time in the beginning, you'll be saved from a lot of headache in the future.

  1. A suitable option for preventing any delay in feedbacks for your web design

Having created wireframes for your web design, it would become easier for you to gather the feedback from your client and other team members. This will considerably decrease of cost of making any changes into the web design. Plus, you'll also be able to complete the project within the allotted time-frame. Wireframes enable you to take different websites aspects viz: layout, functionality, branding etc. one at a time. These points will help you in making the awesome design of a static PSD file into responsive and dynamic html.


Your chances of emerging as a 'Winner' tend to grow by including wireframes in the design process. Once developed, you can get your wireframes approved so as to initiate with the final designing venture which will definitely be exciting and free from multiple worries. 



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