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How to Impact the User Experience by Adding Surprising Details to Your Website?

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Internet is improving day by day and the competition is also increasing for every businessman. Having an online presence is a necessity but just online presence won’t work you have to do something extra to grab your potential customers.

Websites that are successful online are basically because of three reasons

(1) Web technologies are evolving constantly and are allowing for more unique and advanced designs.

(2) Technologies have become more accessible than they were earlier, and are empowering more people to use them thoroughly.

(3) Awareness among the people about the UX is improving and is making them eager to offer a lot more than a working HTML site.

The user experience also includes a number of different aspects about a website. May of them is going way behind to design the website. For the present case let us focus on the web and how some small designs in your website design can work as an effective tool for you:

  • Keep surprising your visitors,
  • Connect with your visitors,
  • Engage them,
  • Give them a reason to visit your website again, and
  • Make them remember your website in a positive way.

1.       Easy Navigation

There are not a huge number of websites out there that don't require their visitors to explore through the content. Essentially, any site that includes various multiple content classes or even numerous pages needs a route.

Over the time, distinctive standard route menus have been made, for example, a top, or a sidebar route. These traditional arrangements are considered as the best fit for a large number of websites with a various target groups as the vast majority have figured out how to handle them with achievement and consequently and how to use them productively.

Provide your users with Drag and Drop Navigation, animated Navigation or No clicking activities.

Drag and Drop Navigation provides users a better way to explore the website. This is generally used for a specific type of navigation for providing a greater user experience for the specific target groups.

Animated navigation is a very unique type of navigation that is not selected by most of the website owners but it is a good way to give your users a new experience with your website.

No Clicks required: Here the site does not require any click of the muse but the movement of the mouse is enough.

2.       The Visual Appeal of your Website matters the most

It's not of any mystery that we react differently to some extraordinary things than to the things we either have no presumption about or even dislike. This also holds true for the web. A beautiful and appealing website is significantly more engaging us than a neutral design, or a disaster one.

Things like colors and complexities, visual components and a general balancing of the outline are vital. Pictures of human faces for instance have the regular force to grab our attraction. Pictures all in all are an extraordinary approach to pass on feelings and indulge our cravings. Become the eye candy of your visitors.

Engage with your users

Engaging and interacting with your visitors and users is equally important and this is the only step that helps you in improving your website’s popularity.

3.       Entertain your Visitors

There is no such rule that says when people are using the internet; they only have to reach their goal. Sometimes you cannot distract other people particularly when you are offering them something fun.

Also it is not the rule that internet has to be very serious all the time. Even sometimes the large sized organizations or genuine reasons can make use of humor for getting their target bunch of people.

Most of the time that we spend online is generally invented in serious businesses like looking for some information, doing some transactions, or any other business work. But offering your users with a little joke, funny games or an unexpected advertising campaign can make your users enjoy your website.

  • Give your visitors a break to enjoy
  • Humor is always good to enhance your business.
  • Fun and surprising details can make your visitors enjoy your website.

4.       Be Creative while writing content for your website

When you are providing your users with something to read, provide them with something creative and interesting to read. Give them something that they will enjoy not something that will make them feel bored. Interesting does not mean that it has to be non informative. You can always be creative with what you are writing. Write in such a way that it should make someone feel to read more. Just add little details about what you are writing to make sure that people will enjoy what you have written for them.

  • Extra details can loosen up your content
  • Perform things in a different manner
  • Make sure that your content is matching with your visual images

So start today with the given steps and design your website in a different way. Give your visitors a different outlook to enjoy and provide them something really interesting to read and look.

Author Bio: Anna Brown is working as a senior web designer and an enthusiast blogger in Xperts Infosoft- Web designing firm and well known SEO Service Solution providing company in New Delhi. Xperts Infosoft mainly deals in Website Designing and promoting your business through SEO processes. You can follow her on Twitter and can catch her on Facebook.


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