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5 Amazing Firefox Add-ons That Ensure Superior Software Testing

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In this rapidly evolving IT world, quality has become the primary parameter to achieve a niche position. The IT professionals are using an array of advanced software testing tools to ensure an excellent quality of the application.

And among this set of highly sophisticated software testing tools and techniques, web browser has emerged as one of the simplest, nicest and affordable means which can be easily used, even on a daily basis for testing life cycle of the application.

Firefox Add-ons for Superior Software Testing

In fact, there is huge number of testers who use and test the application on Firefox browser, since being an open source browser; it supports installation of numerous powerful add-ons.

This write-up covers some of these useful add-ons which have being quite popular among the tester’s community.


Dubbed as one of the finest add-ons; this tool is immensely helpful in editing, debugging, and monitoring the CSS files. Moreover, it comes to your rescue while you have to do any live editing of HTML, JavaScript code, by providing the instant results.

Since, it works amazingly on the live sites; testers widely use this test the logging errors, warnings and notices.
Additionally, with its ability to run and debug JavaScript code on webpages it assists in modifying the element and child nodes, copying inner HTML, changing the element in the DOM, creating XPath expressions, and other CSS properties.

Web Developer:

This add-on on the list offers a range of amazing features giving it more flexibility. As a matter of fact, using this tool will make it simple to inspect the pages, CSS and HTML inspector, JavaScript scratchpad, Web Console etc.

It helps to recognize style information of every web elements on the page. In fact, a blend of both Web developer and Firefox is considered to be a deadly combination making Firefox the ultimate browser for the web developers and Software Testers.


Another wonderful Firefox add-on, FireShot that is mainly used to capture screenshots of web pages as a proof while testing web applications. Apart from this, taking screenshots it enables you to edit using the Advanced Editor and immediately marking the screenshots.

Moreover, it gives you multiple options to capture the image. You can Capture Visible area, or take shots of selected area or take shots of the Entire page.


MeasureIt add-on is seen as one of the simplest and most robust tool for a UI tester. Since, it draws a ruler on the webpage; it helps in checking the width and height of the web element on page. This makes it possible to provide an intuitive UI. Moreover, it checks the alignments of elements and verifies the pixel sizes.


This add-on is extremely helpful as it can be used to test the application with dissimilar browser window sizes. It offers a menu and status bar to adjust the window dimensions to a specific size to test the application in an efficient manner.

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