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8 Essential Mobile Game App Development Tools

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Who doesn’t love playing a game on their mobile? Temple run had caught the whole world’s attention to such an extent that right from children to elder people in the household were glued to this game. It is indeed interesting that mobile games can keep your kids occupied. In fact, they are the best stress busters available in the present times. Remember how you used to steal some hours just to play candy crush while on the break? This way you used to relieve yourself of the stress bundled up by work.

Developers of mobile apps are on the roll as of now. They are having fun creating new and unique games for all ages. Right from simple candy games to fighter games, you have everything on the mobile now. You just need to download the free version, and in some cases the paid version to enjoy some nice fun moments.

Developers have the necessary help to build mobile game apps. To create impressive games based on the variety of OS available, developers need the necessary tools and fortunately such tools are available now. Here are 8 tools that aide the developers in creating a mobile game app.


If you are planning to create a multi platform game, then you should necessarily choose the Marmalade SDK as your mobile game app development tool. With this tool, you can use C++ or Xcode to develop the game. You can even use the Visual Studio to build your game. Each project developed can be individually compiled for the various platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry etc.

Marmalade Juice, a cross platform development module within Marmalade, allows you to develop platform specific codes and features for the major OS named above. Marmalade Quick allows the developer to quickly build a mobile game.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 3 source code comes with the unreal engine development kit. This allows you to access unreal engine editor suite, C++ source code as well as unlimited support towards developing mobile game. This tool is basically integrated with middleware technologies and you can use this tool to develop games that will work across various platforms. In order to develop next gen power gaming, unreal engine 4 version has been released. It is available for high end gaming consoles, and for different OS.


You just need to develop a single code base using this tool and can publish this game to various platforms. You can develop high quality and high speed games using this tool that are able to keep the users and gamers engaged. The interface and environment that is used to build these games are pretty interesting and interactive. You will see that this tool gives engaging games.


Not just developers but heavy gamers are also aware of unity as one of the most popular game development tools available in the present times. It is used to build games for both 2D and 3D action games. You will see that this tool allows you to develop games that can be integrated across platforms. With this tool, you can make your game reach out to various gaming consoles, as well as platforms. The pricing for this tool starts at $750.


This technology is one of the biggest in the world of mobile game app development. You will find this technology present in almost all the devices that are used as smartphones in the present times. This technology is majorly used to build mobile games that possess high quality and speed. To use this technology you will need to use the openGL ES emulator. With this tool you can develop excellent games that are free of bugs and gain better visibility.


Autodesk has recently released a tool called Maya package which has been specifically designed for startups and new to the market mobile app developers. The realistic features, animations, as well as interactive graphics make this tool an absolutely useful one. You can use this tool on PC or mobile or on any Mac support device. This package is known to offer support for tools like unreal engine, unity etc.

PowerVR Graphics

This graphics has been developed by the Imagination Technologies. You can create high quality, high speed and high performance games using this mobile game app development tool. It allows you to build games across the various platforms. This tool is available free of cost, and developers can install it to build excellent games.


This tool has been released by Geometrics to help you build interesting and interactive mobile games. You can scale your app across platforms and consoles using this tool. You can create high quality apps quickly and effortlessly.

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