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Hidden messages in logos

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A logo is the simplest thing a user can remember about a product or a company. A good logo design will leave deep impression to customers. Each logo tries to convey either their product information or company vision to customers, this information may be easily understood with a glance or it contains some hidden messages which need us to figure out. Today we share some logos which contain some hidden messages.

1. Fedex

The arrow between E and X means Fedex will deliver the product to the right person.

2. Amazon

The arrow from A to Z, it simply points from A to Z implying the wide variety of items available for sale on their website. It also resembles the smile on the customer's face, pointing at their customer friendly service.

3. Sun Microsystem

All four sides of the box say "SUN"

4. Cisco

Cisco's logo is the Golden Gate Bridge from San FranCISCO.

5. Sony

The first two letters represent the basic analogue signal and the last two letters are made to look like a 1 and 0, representing the digital signal

6. Picasa

The logo represents the traditional shutter mechanism. The whitespace which the shutter encloses depicts a house (Casa), implying that it is meant for personal use. The pi stands for Pixels.

7. LG

LG-Life's Good, especially when you are playing pacman!

8. Samsung

The elliptical logo shape symbolizes the world moving through space, conveying a distinctive image of innovation and change.

The first letter, "S", and the last letter, "G," partially break out of the oval to connect the interior with the exterior, showing SAMSUNG's desire to be one with the world and to serve society as a whole.

9. IBM

The IBM logo is easily recognized by the distinctive eight stripes that  make up the letters IBM. The horizontal stripes are intended to suggest  "speed and dynamism."



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