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JavaScript tips both novice and veteran developers can benefit from

  sonic0002      2013-08-21 04:09:10      12,776    0

In this post, we will share some less known but powerful JavaScript tips which can benefit both novice and veteran JavaScript developers.

1. Truncate array with array length

We all know that object are passed by reference in JavaScript, but we may be bitten by this rule. Please check below example:

var arr1 = arr2 = [1, 2, 3];

//Change arr1
arr1 = []; // arr2 will still be [1,2,3]

arr1 and arr2 point to the same array [1,2,3] initially, later when arr1 repoints to [], the reference to arr2 is not changed, it will still point to [1,2,3]. But if we want both arr1 and arr2 point to [], what should we do? We can use the length property of the array. When we set arr1.length=0, the elements in arr1 will be cleared. While the reference is not changed. So arr1 and arr1 point to [].

2. Merge array with push

We are used to use concat() to merge two arrays. For example:

var arr1=[1,2,3];
var arr2=[4,5,6];
var arr3=arr1.concat(arr2);
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

We can achieve this with push() as well:

var arr1=[1,2,3];
var arr2=[4,5,6];
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

The apply method can take an array as the second argument, so arr2 can be pushed to arr1.

3. Feature detection

In many APIs, we can see some feature detection statements which will check whether the browser supports the specified property or method in order to support cross browser compatibility. We may have:

    console.log("NOT OPERA");

This works correctly, but it may not be so efficient. This kind of object detection will initialize resources in the browser. The more efficient way is to check whether the key is in an object.

if("opera" in window){
    console.log("NOT OPERA");

4. Check whether an object is an array

In JavaScript, we can use typeof to check type of a variable. typeof can return number, boolean, string, object, function and undefined. There is no array. In fact, typeof an array is object. So how can we determine whether an object is an array? In ECMAScript 5, we can use Array.isArray(obj) to check this. But ECMAScript 5 is not widely adopted as of now.

Actually we can use below method:

var obj=[];"[object Array]";

 5. Check whether a variable is undefined

JavaScript is a weak type language, and also you can use a variable or property where it's undefined. If we don't have correct ways to check whether a property or variable is defined, we may get unexpected results when we try to access them.

Below is code snippet to check whether a variable is undefined:

// Note that this doesn't quite work for objects
function isUndefined(value) {
    return typeof value === 'undefined';

You can get more understanding about undefined property and variable.



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