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WeChat owns 70 million users now out of China

  sonic0002      2013-07-03 03:09:34      2,492    1

According to 36 Kr, on this year's Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent president Zhiping Liu announced that WeChat had more than 70 million users out of China, it entered Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Mexico and other countries. And it has become the No.1 IM app in Mexico .While in early April, WeChat had only 40 million users abroad. In just three months, 30 million news users started to use WeChat.

Tencent spares no effort to promote WeChat to the international market. In China, Tencent holds China's largest social network and the most popular IM software--QQ, but globally there are other strong competitors such as Whatsapp from United States, KaKao Talk from South Korea, Line from Japan etc: Line has 150 million users globally, Kakao Talk announced yesterday that its registered users exceeded 100 million as well, while Whatsapp's CEO Jan Koum declared WhatsApp's monthly active users were more than 200 million in April's D11 Conference.

Commenting on the internationalization roadmap of WeChat, Tencent CEO Huateng Ma said: "We have only this one chance now no matter whether WeChat will be successful or not."

In the past, China's Internet models were copied from the United States, it is unlikely for us to go out With the mobile Internet wave sweeping the globe, many international Internet giant are not ready for this yet or they are limited to the original PC or Web services, It is difficult for them to make pure mobile Internet products. In addition the mobile Internet has a faster growth rate in Asia than in Western countries, which gives Chinese Internet companies a golden opportunity.

Finally let's check out the advertisement of WeChat from Lionel Messi:



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hugo luo [Reply]@ 2013-07-04 21:07:48

Tencent is great IT giant in China,I hope it is to be a great famous company globally!


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