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First Chinese app on Google Glass :

  36 Kr      2013-06-23 10:17:40      2,294    0 is an open source PM2.5 project developed by BestApp. It retrieves PM2.5 data of different cities in China through a crawler and then processes the data retrieved. They also created an API which enables third parties to access these data. Now the team has built something new, they moved this project to Google Glass and developed the world's first Chinese Google Glass application -- Now users with Google Glass can check PM2.5 of different cities in China.

The final effect on Google Glass is shown below. Here one thing to be noted is that on Google Glass, the real effect is the background is transparent. is implemented with the Google Mirror API, it first uploads all the PM2.5 data from different cities to Google data center, then pushes them to users' Google Glass. One sad thing now is users can only check the PM2.5 of different cities manually since it cannot use the GPS data to locate the user. In the future, BestApp will add the phone's GPS API to this app and then people can check the PM2.5 with GPS automatically.

Founder of BestApp Anson said the development of Google Glass app was easier than that of Android. Their team just got the Google Glass two weeks ago, the real coding only took 4 days. The issue is some low level service of Google Glass cannot be accessed by Chinese developers, so there are some troubles with the development. Also since all developments on Google Glass now have to follow the development rules of Google Mirror API, there is no complete documentation, they have to figure out some issues themselves.

As the pioneer on Google Glass development in China, Anson said they might build a website to share the experience and issues on Google Glass development so that it can help those who are doing Google Glass development. Now CNN, Elie,Twitter,Tumblr,Evernote and Facebook are available on Google Glass.

Hope there are more and more Chinese apps on Google Glass.

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