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The new Surface RT may use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

  Sina Tech      2013-06-19 08:11:03      1,770    0

According to Sina Tech, Microsoft will launch its new Surface RT tablet equipped with Qualcomm processor .

The source said, some of the new Surface RT will use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, this processor will provide faster wireless data connection speed.

The current Surface RT uses Nvidia's Tegra processor. Some versions of the Surface RT will continue to use Tegra processor.

By adding Qualcomm processor as another option, Microsoft will further expand Surface RT function. Despite Microsoft has high expectations on Surface RT, but the Surface RT tablet sales are not satisfying. IDC data show that Surface RT market share is less than 1% in the first quarter, while Apple's market share is up to 40%.

RT version of the Windows system is Microsoft's first operating system to support the ARM chip, it aims to challenge Apple iOS and Google Android. Earlier this month, Microsoft reiterated its support on RT at the Taipei International Computer Show. Microsoft said it would upgrade the Outlook mailbox and calendar application on RT to attract more business users.



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