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China to expand 4G network across the country

  sonic0002      2013-06-13 05:06:41      2,095    0

According to Xinhua news, China Mobile, the country's largest telecommunication company is expanding its commercial trials of 4G network across the country including Tibet.

On Tuesday, the Tibet branch of China Mobile held a ceremony to mark the beginning of its 4G network trial in Tibet. This plan includes building new 4G base stations there and also provide support for connecting to the 4G network.

In this new plan, China Mobile's high speed network services will soon benefit people living in the remote places. China's 4G network is also known as TD-LTE network is a home growing technology which enables operators to provide users with more diversified applications at a high speed.

4G network can enable users to download resources from Internet with a speed of 100MB/s which is 10 times faster than 3G.

China Mobile is now building many new TD-LTE 4G base stations across the country and people there now can have a trial use of the high speed 4G network.



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