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Yahoo is going to recycle inactive user IDs

  sonic0002      2013-06-12 21:22:15      2,907    0

According to Sina Tech, Yahoo announced that it would provide users with shorter, more lovely and more memorable Yahoo IDs starting from July 15. For IDs like, if they are in inactive status in the past 12 months, then other users will be able to get this ID.

Yahoo plans to reset Yahoo ID system to help users get the ID they want in mid of July. By mid-August, users who apply for a Yahoo user ID will be informed what kind of ID they get.

This means that users can apply multiple IDs, but in the end only one ID can be assigned to one user. Spammers and other information offenders are expected to use this opportunity, while Yahoo will take steps to prevent such a short Yahoo ID is squatting.

For users who don't use their Yahoo ID in a long term, Yahoo will send them a notification that Yahoo ID does not just only for e-mail. Users can also customize other Yahoo services with their Yahoo IDs such as customized sports information, weather and news content.

If the user wishes to retain their Yahoo ID, then the advice given by Yahoo is users should sign in at least once before July 15.

For many users, this news seems like a false spam message. For example, some users in the past have received spam messages that Microsoft or Google will close inactive Hotmail or Gmail accounts. Therefore, the news may not be likely to cause users attention. But it is clear that Yahoo is attempting to better build brands.



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