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Funny Linux commands

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1. sl

You will see a train moving from the right to left on the screen.

Install : $ sudo apt-get install sl

Run : $ sl

It has options like -aiFe:

-a An accident seems to happen. You'll feel pity for people who cry for help.
-l shows little one.
-F It flies.
-e Allow interrupt by Ctrl+C.

We can also make fun of other people by setting an alias like below:

$alias ls=sl

When the user types ls, he will see the train instead of the file list.

2. fortune

Output one statement, it can be a joke, or famous saying. Or if you install the Chinese version, you will get Tang poem as well.

Install : $sudo apt-get install fortune

Run : $fortune

3. cowsay

Print a cow or sheep with ASCII characters, there is also one cowthink.

Install : $sudo apt-get install cowsay

Run : $cowsay "I am not a cow, hahaha"

$cowsay -l : Check names of other animal. You can also specify what to say:

$cowsay -f tux "坑爹啊"

You can also let cowsay say the content of fortune

$fortune | cowsay

4. cmatrix

This is really cool. It has the matrix animation:

Install : $ sudo apt-get install cmatrix

Run : $cmatrix

5. figlet,toilet

Art font generator.

Install : $sudo apt-get install figlet or $sudo apt-get install toilet

Run : $figlet fuck you ! or $toilet i love you

You can add color to toilet as well.

$ toilet -f mono12 -F gay a girl

6. oneko

There will be a cat appearing, if the mouse moves, the cat will also move. If the mouse is not moving, the cat will sleep.

Install : $sudo apt-get install oneko

Run : $onek

You can press Ctrl+C to exit this.

7. xeyes

A pair of eyes will appear on the screen. The installation steps are the same as above

8. cal 9 1752

It will print a calendar, but a strange one

9. factor

Get factors of a number, primary school students can use it

10. aptitude

Type below commands in sequence.

aptitude moo
aptitude -v moo
aptitude -vv moo
aptitude -vvv moo
aptitude -vvvv moo
aptitude -vvvvv moo
aptitude -vvvvvv moo
aptitude -vvvvvvv moo

There are many other funny Linux commands such as yes, shred. You can refer to the man manual for what the use of them. You can also refer this article for some commands.

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