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Login with Amazon

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Many websites now allow users to login to their websites with some third party accounts such as login with Facebook or login with Twitter. This is because Facebook and Twitter have many users and they also provide a good API for third parties to access the user data. This also eases the work of users since they no need to enter the same data again and again in each website. Now Amazon also releases its own login with Amazon plugin. Now third party websites can embed the login with Amazon button on their websites so that Amazon users can login to those websites without creating new account.

The login with Amazon feature can be embedded into websites, apps or games which allow users with Amazon accounts to login. It's supporting OAuth 2.0 authentication framework.

Facebook and Twitter have a huge user base and have a social network, many various web service providers choose them as the login method is natural. Now Amazon wants to catch up with this, it has 200 million actives accounts and Amazon has a complete eco-system.

Especially for apps and games, Amazon can help developers on developing, promoting and profiting with AWS,GameCircle, A/B test tools, In app purchase, Amazon Appstore etc.

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