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Tencent released Q1 earning report of 2013

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Tencent has released the earnings report of Q1 in 2013, the total revenue is $2.1611 billion which increases  11.5% compared to last quarter and increases 40.4% compared to the same time last year. The  profit is 649.4 million US dollars which increases 17.3% compared to last quarter and increases 37.4% compared last year.

The three main profit generators are:

1. Value-added services revenue of 1.7014 billion US dollars with an increase of 13.6% compared to last quarter and an increase of 28.6% compared to last year;

2. Online advertising revenue of 135.5 million US dollars with a decrease of 10.3% compared to last quarter and an increase of 57.3% compared to last year;

3. e-commerce revenue of 305.2 million US dollars with an increase of 13.6% compared to last quarter and an increase of 154.2% compared to last year.

At the same time, Tencent released some other data as well. Its IM monthly active users reached a 825.4 million, the highest number of online users reached 173 million, the monthly active users of WeChat reached 194 400 000 which increased 23.1% compared to last quarter and increased 228.4%compared to last year. While the monthly QZone active users reaches 611 000 000, the highest number of active users on QQ game platform is 9.2 million.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said the revenue and active users of the main service of Tencent increased compared to the first quarter in 2013. This can let Tencent maintain the revenue and cash flow health, also it is good for the long-term development of some service, These include the promotion of WeChat in the international market ,online video content and the regional expansion of e-commerce business. Tencent will continue to increase the investment on innovation and its open platform in order to strengthen their own position in the Internet world.

It seems Tencent is moving to the right direction in expanding its service.

1. Internationalization. Tencent have the capability to play an important role in the international stage. they have excellent IM products(QQ and WeChat) which are used by many Chinese. Compared to MSN, QQ is more functional and easier to use. It should be able to attract users from other countries. The reason why its performance in the world is not as expected is because the promotion of QQ is not so frequent. We cannot see many ads about QQ out of Chiina.

2. Innovation. Also they should put much effort on innovation to get rid of the impression of people that they only know how to copy from others. They have enough cash and they can invest money on attracting many talented people and on technology innovation.

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