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Some useful code editors for developers

  sonic0002      2013-03-20 12:25:13      4,916    1

A good code editor will save developers much work. It can help developers find syntax errors easily through code highlight capability. It also makes the code more readable and maintainable through the indentation. Here we recommend some excellent code editors which you may want to have a try.


Compilr is an online IDE, it supports 8 languages as of now including : C, C++,C#,Java,JavaScript,PHP ,Python,Ruby and Visual Basic. Compilr is developed by Ninjia Otter Inc in Canada.


CodeMirrow is implemented with JavaScript, it provides the code highlight and indentation capabilities for all popular programming languages. It's an online editor based on web browser.

Compared to common code highlight plugins, CodeMirrow integrated many programmable interfaces and provides many API functions such as undo,save,replace,bracket matching,cursor control etc. Hence CodeMirrow has prepared itself as the best IDE in web browser.

Based on this, many CodeMirrow plugins appear such as JavaScript code completion,search and code fold,XML tag automatically close plugs.


Codeanywhere can be run on web browser, it embedded powerful FTP client and supports many popular web page format and also capable of multiple types of file editing.

Codeanywhere support many types of web page formats such as HTML,PHP,JavaScript,CSS and XML.


Mozilla announces one HTML/CSS online interactive website called Thimble, this website is one part of Webmaker plan proposed by Mozilla. It is to help users learn write HTML and CSS online.

Thimble is designed with two frames: the left frame users can edit the page and you can preview the page on the right frame. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can publish it using the blue "Publish" button on the right upper corner of the page.


JSBin is a web application, it is mainly used for helping testing JavaScript and CSS code. Its function is similar to jsFiddle.


Ecoder is a web based code editor, it's implemented with PHP and JavaScript. Its functions include code highlight, file viewer, file uploader and a tag system which enables developers to edit multiple files at the same time on the server.

There are some more excellent online code editors. For more of them , please visit :



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Stas [Reply]@ 2013-11-25 07:40:52

As for me, I like Codelobster PHP Edition


Everything is under control

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