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Google starts to clean up its service again

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Google announced on its official blog that they would clean up its service again following the fall of 2011. They will close some features and services to stay focused and make good use of other opportunities.

Google Reader and Snapseed are listed in the cleaning list. Google will switch off Google Reader on July 1 this year and end its service which exists in the past eight years, Users can export feeds using Google Takeout. Google said that this product did have loyal customers, but these years its utilization is in continuous decline. The close of Google Reader may represents the decline of RSS, RSS advertising will be affected. And some apps on iOS, Android platform which connect to Google Reader will certainly be affected as well.

Also Snapseed desktop version (Mac and Windows) will stop updating starting from today.

Apps Script will not support GUI Builder and five UIApp widgets from September 16. Also on September 16, CalDAV API will only be available to those developers on the whitelist, Google recommends developers to use Google Calendar API as an alternative. The Building Maker will be closed on June 1, but Google will continue to optimize the 3D imagery.

Other changes include: stop support for Blackberry Google Voice application, BlackBerry users can use HTML5 app; On April 30, Google Cloud Connect will be decommissioned; Search API for Shopping will also be given up.

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