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What should video website do besides buying copyright?

  sonic0002      2013-03-06 03:15:39      2,749    0

Several major video sites in China seem to be designed by the same team, they look the same from the main interface to advertising scheme. The question is whether video sites really do not need to improve their products and user experience in addition to smashing the money to buy the copyright to attract users, is there no other choice? After reading this article, perhaps we can somehow have different views.

The Web 2.0 era's video site

In Web 1.0 era, the main way for users to obtain information is to go to some major news portals to find yourself the information you are interested in. But in Web 2.0 era, a lot of people are more accustomed to get information from Weibo and WeChat. The greatest benefit is that this new way to access information is its quickness and directness and the user can see all the contents what he is interested in and wants to see, those junk information is filtered. In other words, this is the more efficient way to get information.

Let's look back at a video website, you will find it is very similar to the news portals in Web 1.0 era. Since the way people obtain news can change, we have reasons to believe the way people watch video can also change.

Imagine when you open Youku, the home page appears no longer the same for each user but the customized home page. This page contains the sections which he is interested in and the videos recommended by his friends. The users may be very happy to see this. Now YouTube is doing this way.

This experience is really good, and I personally look forward to this product coming fast. As a U.S. drama lover, I'm tired of going to American TV channels each week to check whether the drama is updated - this experience is a waste of time.

Review based on timeline

A big difference between video and photo is video has one more information dimension - time. Yes, the video has time dimension, but what does this mean?

People will comment the phone after they see it immediately, because this information is not in a time dimension, the information they get is a block. But watching the video is not the same, as the video progresses, people think of different things in different time and change mood in different scenes, they may want to express these things in a specified time. For example, you might see one magic video and you find the flaws in one moment, you are very excited in the moment and you want to tell other people by writing a comment, this is a comment request based on time.

This new way of comment may let users easily gain emotional resonance while watching video, users will not feel lonely while watching the video. It's more acceptable to watch a video in a casual and asynchronous manner compared to watching the video at the same time.

Of course, this demand has disadvantage as well, people only have a short time to stop to look at the video comments, people do not have the extra time and effort to look at the various comments. Thus a problem relating to the comment data quality comes up - the solution is very simple which is adding like button for each comment and then sort them by like.


Video sites can put more effort on improving the user experience. In addition to spend money on buying the copyright, the video sites can do many other things. Do not think this is wishful thinking, a lot of things which you imagine today perhaps become realities tomorrow. So we are looking forward to good things coming early.

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