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2 million iPhone 5 sold in China in 3 days

  sonic0002      2012-12-17 12:27:59      2,306    0

Apple announces that since it was available in China from last Friday, iPhone 5 has been sold over 2 million units in 3 days.

iPhone 5 was available for sale in China starting from 14th Dec, the price is 5288RMB and up, there are two cooperated vendors in China : China Telecom and China Unicom. They start sell iPhone 5 on their own sales channels, moreover Apple starts selling iPhone in their own Apple Store and official website.

According to Tim Cook, because of the high demand of Apple products in China, this sale record created a new sales record in Chinese market. And the Chinese market is very important to Apple.

To end of December, iPhone 5 will available in over 100 countries and regions. When it was first unveiled, iPhone 5 was available in Unites States, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore and United Kingdom. 2 million iPhone 5 was sold in 3 days. But this time, 3 million iPhone 5 was sold in 3 days in China only, it means that Chinese consumers are keen to have the new iPhone.

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