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Coming back, Nokia?

  sonic0002      2012-12-06 13:17:24      3,548    0

Nokia officially unveiled an Windows Phone 8 phone model Lumia 920T in cooperation with China Mobile in yesterday's Global Developer Conference of China Mobile. This is the first to support China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone network standard in the Windows Phone ecosystem, it that Windows Phone is available in TD camp. Meanwhile, as China Mobile's official custom models, Lumia 920T will be sold using China Mobile's sales channel, this may further promote the sales of Nokia Windows Phone devices in China.

Nokia released Lumia 620 yesterday as well. This low-end Windows Phone 8 has a price of $249, It will be on sale in Asia in January next year, it is currently the cheapest Windows Phone handsets. Empowered by these two good news, Nokia's stock price soared 12.79% yesterday, closing at $3.88. In the past 52 weeks, the lowest share price have been to $1.63, the highest was $5.87.

At the same time, Apple's share price fell 6.43% on Wednesday, closing at $538.79, the highest single-day decline in four years. Compared to the peak price in September , it has lost $160 billion. Analyst says that Apple share price drops because of many reasons, which may be affected by the cooperation of China Mobile and Nokia, China Mobile had been seeking the introduction of the iPhone, but there has been no substantial progress. And in the mobile phone market, Apple has been facing fierce competition with Samsung. In the tablet market, the iPad Mini's performance failed to meet expectations, and at the same time its sales is affected by the release of Amazon Kindle series devices and Microsoft's new Surface. Previously, IDC's report had predicted the iPad's market share would eroded in 2012, slipped to 53.8% in 2012 from 56.3% in 2011. At the same time, Android would increase from 39.8% to 42.7%.

Will Nokia be back? We still don't know, just a few days ago, Nokia has sold its headquarter in Finland with 200 million US dollars. This means that Nokia is still seeking to cut cost because of its mobile phone sales performance is not so satisfactory.

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