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Chrome 23 supports Do Not Track now

  sonic0002      2012-11-07 11:27:26      2,482    0

Google has upgraded its browser to Chrome 23, released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome framework. New features brought by Chrome 23 include GPU video decode acceleration, more convenient site permissions management and start supporting DNT agreement.

The most important feature of this version upgrade is the support for "Do Not Track (DNT)". As one of the solutions to address online privacy issues, DNT protocol allows Internet users to control how their privacy information can be tracked, also websites which are complying with this agreement will not track the user's personal information.

Microsoft first announced the support of DNT in IE9 and later made it a default setting in IE10. Later Mozilla 's Firefox, Apple's Safari and Opera also began to support DNT. Now Chrome finally starts to support DNT, which seems to mean that the major browser vendors have reached a consensus in terms of user privacy.

Users can enable the DNT to tell online advertising companies not to track their whereabouts and not to publish targeted ads. This can indeed effectively protect users' privacy, but also affect the interests of advertisers. And freedom, free Internet are based on online advertising. So Chrome which has the largest market share begins to support DNT may have an important impact on profit model and future development of Internet.

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