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Do you really understand Geolocation?

  sonic0002      2012-10-22 12:11:41      2,501    0

LBS(Location based service) services continue to emerge, it seems that every product has some relationship with maps. But to be honest, do you really understand what is Geolocation? Not necessarily.

Although lots of products have LBS service, they can be categorized as sign, search, navigation and information display, these are functional features of the map as a software should have. However, Geolocation is not software, it is just a functional feature, a functional feature of all LBS applications. As a feature, its usage is different from software. In an app, what Geolocation needs to do convert location information into the form of a map.

In other words, a map display can be used as the most straightforward alternative in all places where location information is used. A shop address will be a point on the map, your work place address is also a point on the map to others. In the future we will no longer see the long list of boring, non-logical name combination, but a point full of information on the map, you can query, click and navigate.

This is the real Geolocation, each POI is no longer a bunch of text, but real point on the map. You can check location of all contacts in the address book, you can go directly to a point on the map to participate in activities and you can send your current location to your family or friends.

But the problem is why no people do this or few people do this.

1. Business cards and address books contain address information, but people either enter them manually or directly ignore them.There are few business card management tools or address book management software will convert address information to a location on the map.

2. When you record the future activities and appointments to the to-do list, calendar or Evernote, how would you record activities address? Word by word type? Why does no one think to convert the address information into location?

3. When friends or family call to ask you where you are, you tend to say: "I am at xxx ......" Bla bla bla and they are not clear usually. Why there is no software allowing us to send specific location or display it directly?

Of course Facebook Messager and some other apps have some similar features, but in addition to these, we need far more such products with this kind of feature than existing ones!

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