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The first 30 tweets on Twitter

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Six years ago, we didn't know what a tweet was. But now, there are 340 million tweets posted every day. Looking back, do you know what are the earliest tweets on Twitter when it was released? Let's check them out.

Before that, let's check Twitter's background first. Six years ago, Twitter was called twttr (similar to Flickr), the earliest version was similar to an SMS broadcast service, i.e sending short message to friends to tell them what I am doing.

It was put online on 22nd October, 2006, Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet: just setting up my twttr. It was posted by the system automatically.

Here are the first 30 tweets on Twitter.

  1. @jack                       just setting up my twttr
  2. @biz                         just setting up my twttr 
  3. @noah                      just setting up my twttr
  4. @crystal                    just setting up my twttr
  5. @jeremy                    just setting up my twttr 
  6. @tonystubblebine    just setting up my twttr 
  7. @Adam                      just setting up my twttr 
  8. @ev                            just setting up my twttr 
  9. @jack                         inviting coworkers
  10. @biz                          getting my odeo folks on this deal
  11. @dom                        just setting up my twttr 
  12. @rabble                     just setting up my twttr 
  13. @dom                        oooooooh
  14. @jeremy                    Oh shit, I just twittered a little.
  15. @jack                        waiting for dom to update more
  16. @timroberts              just setting up my twttr
  17. @dom                       waiting for Jack to update more first
  18. @dom                       oh this is going to be addictive
  19. @timroberts              Planning for Sprint #4
  20. @biz                          wishing I had another sammich
  21. @meredith                just setting up my twttr
  22. @meredith                typing my first message
  23. @dom                       following Mer
  24. @meredith                I'll check back in later
  25. @biz                         having some flowery orange pekoe tea
  26. @timroberts             setting up my mac mini
  27. @jack                       lunch
  28. @dom                      free lunch
  29. @biz                         feeling pains in my back
  30. @biz                         using

In these tweets, we can find the founders of Tweet : Jack Dorsey(@jack), Evan Williams(@ev), Isaac Biz Stone(@biz) and some others.

In six years, Twitter has become a community with over 140 million active users from its initial 50 users. It comlpetes the transformation from a small toy of geeks to a real big thing.

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