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Mozilla releases a web identity system : Persona

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Now almost every website requires the user to register, there are many benefits of registration for a website, such as retaining users, accommodating discussions, providing customized content and so on.But there is too much trouble if each site requires registration, right?

Of course, users can also have their own way, for those less important sites, for example, using a unified user name, password and email so that you only need to remember one account. Then, we also see some advanced methods emerging, such as Facebook Connect, Twitter login, Google OAuth, etc., this indeed eliminates some trouble.

In addition to these advanced methods, there also appears a number of third-party login systems such as OneID. Mozilla as a pioneer of browser has been developing a login system in recent years, they hope that this registration system will eliminate the use of username and password and become the common identification ID of Internet users. Now they officially announce this network universal login system Persona (Beta Version) on Mozilla's official blog. Developers can embed the login button into their websites with Persona's API, if users have their Persona account, then they can log into the website with this account. This is similar to Facebook Connect.

Since Mozilla demonstrated this system last July, they have improved this system in some aspects in the following year. They include :

  • Renaming the system, from BrowserID t o Persona
  • Designed a better API
  • Make user's first experience smoother
  • Add some elements in the dialog window, developers can add their website's Logo on the authorization page, developers can also choose whether to display Terms of Use on authorization page.

With Mozilla's resource, it's not a big problem for them to build this system, The reason why website owners allow using Facebook Connect is because Facebook has a large number of users. But for Mozilla, this is completely different, they almost need to start from scratch, and the current system is not appealing to website owners as well.

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