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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test

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With the launch of the iPhone 5, there are quite a few companies starting the test of Apple's new darling. Recently, Android Authority released a video of a test. The test is about ropping iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 three times from different heights, the result is not good to Galaxy S3, although two phones can still work, the Galaxy S3 screen almost completely torn.

In daily life, we may pull out the phone from our pocket and hold it in our hand, put the phone to our ear. In these three cases, the phone may drop accidentently. The test simulated these three cases, respectively, so that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 had dropped to the ground.

In the first drop, iPhone 5 is not quite live up to expectations, little metal at its edges fall off, Galaxy S3 intact; The second drop, iPhone 5 does not add new damage, however, Galaxy S3 screen unexpectedly appears tearing; The third drop, Galaxy S3 screen tearing situation is more serious, and also shows fall off the edge, iPhone 5 still has no new visible damage added.

From the test, it seems iPhone 5 wins over Galaxy S3 in the drop test. But worth of saying is that either phone is still usable after the drop tests. So in real life, we should not worry too much about this kind of accidents. The worse case is you can go to customer service and has it repaired if is is still in warranty period.

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