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Apple will shut down Ping on 30th September

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What? Apple also has social networks! Yes. Unfortunately, you just heard it and it is to be shut down. In fact, Apple launched Ping not too long ago, in September 2010, it was released together with iTunes 10.

Ping allows users to share with your friends the music you are listening to, and you can even share concerts and activities information, and it supports for picture and link sharing. In addition, Ping also includes the "Top Ten" list of features that can be customized, each singer and the listener has its own profile, including news and excerpts from the user's music library, it can bring you real music discovery experience.

On D10 General Assembly held in May, when asked whether Apple would abandon its own music based social network Ping which is not very popular , Cook said: "Some users still liked it, although the number is not many, we are now not sure whether to cut the project, it remains to be seen. "

With Apple announced at WWDC that Facebook and Twitter would be deeply integration into iOS, the timing has arrived for Apple to close its own Ping social services. AllthingsD early in June, came news that Apple would release the latest version of iTunes this fall and turn off the music social networking service Ping, their social service will be fully turned to Facebook and Twitter.

The official closing time for Ping is September 30, and is now no longer accept new member registrations. It's almost two years from the official release to the close, and the latest iTunes 11 will also be available for download on September 19.

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