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How to ask questions as an interviewee

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Many people think that interview is a single side selection, in fact, interview is a two sides selection process. Not only the company selects you, but also you select the company. Interview provides a chance for both the company and you to know about each other. While the company is assessing you, you should also assess the company.

The interviewers also know this, so they have the mental preparation and look forward to your questions and they are prepared to answer your questions. So do not waste the opportunity to ask questions to the company in an interview. And if you take the initiative to ask questions, it means that you are serious about the position and this will leave a good impression to the interviewers, it may also improve the chance of success.

Here are something you should care about before you ask questions :

  • Be well prepared and get clear understanding of the company before the interview
  • The question you ask should relate to "Whether this position is suitable for me", don't ask some questions which are irrelative to the interview
  • Be natural and relax when asking questions, don't be shy, treat it as a normal conversation. You should express your genuine interest to the company
  • Be direct. After asking questions, keep quiet and let the interviewers talk
  • When interviewers answer your questions, you can take note if the interviewer allows you take note and keep the note short. You should listen to the interviewer's answers carefully and keep eye contact
  • Within one week after the interview, make a phone call or send one email to the company to get some feedback. Even you fails the interview, you still can ask for the reason, this may help you in your future interview

Here are some classical questions which can be asked in an interview as an interviewee according to Steve Buckley

Q1: Why are you currently recruiting for this position?

The answer to this will open discussions about current projects or maybe staff that have jumped ship.

Q2: Do you have many new staffs?

This is a transitional question, it makes you understand some internal business of the company.

Q3: What are the biggest challenges your team are facing right now?

Some employers will talk about key technical challenges that maybe are relevant to the position you applied for, others will talk about deadline issues or budgetary issues that are impacting the progress of a project or product.

Q4: What technologies/languages would you like to see your team adapt to that aren't currently being utilised?

If you are applying for a technical position and the interviewer is an technical guy, then this will be a good question. This will help you adapt to the company better if you can join the company.

Q5: Few companies, if any, are 100% satisfied with the way their business is operating. If you could simply flick a switch to fix it, what one thing would you change?

Most companies are relatively happy with how they operate but I have yet to see a single company that is 100% satisfied with how they work. The change may only be slight but again, it gives you a direct insight into what annoys or worries the person you will be working for.

Q6: If you struggle to fill the position I have applied for, what impact would that have on the business?

This question will let you know your role in the company and the importance of the role in the company.

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