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Google's new pirate penalty doesn't affect YouTube

  sonic0002      2012-08-12 12:35:29      2,187    0

Google has just announced a new policy: sites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in our results. However, this new policy may not affect the company's video site YouTube. In fact, they themselves clearly know that there are copyright protected contents on YouTube.

According to a report published by Search Engine Land, through the "Removing Content From Google" page, users can remove content from the Google services with valid reasons, the services including Google Play, Google+, Gmail and Google Web search. Although you can find YouTube on this page, a description with a link to the YouTube legal issue page will show up.

Eric Limer said on Gizmodo there were only two reasons for Google's policy on YouTube.  First, you can say that Google is being biased (maybe even evil) by giving its own site what seems like a very technical and dubious pass. On the other hand, you can say that Google is just rewarding YouTube for having such a proactive, easy to use, built-in takedown system, even though that system gets things wrong a lot.

Regarding to this question, Google has following response:

We’re treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings. That said, we don’t expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content sites.

Will this really be what Google may do?



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