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iOS6 will not have YouTube pre-installed

  Peter      2012-08-07 03:42:31      2,419    0

2012 maybe Apple's year of  "away from Google".

Following the Google Maps, YouTube will be ruled out from iOS 6. According to 9to5Mac, iOS 6 beta 4 has removed the YouTube application that existed on iOS since the first version in 2007. Apple also confirmed that the agreement signed with Google to pre-install YouTube has expired. If you are a big fan of YouTube, don't worry, Apple doesn't completely rule out YouTube. In Safari, you can still visit YouTube, Google is also developing a new version of the separate YouTube app to be on App Store.

It is not clear the reason behind this change. Perhaps it is because Apple does not want to pay licensing fees to the Google or iOS wants to thoroughly remove traces of Google.

This change may do more good than harm to users. The pre-installed YouTube application on iOS has no major updates for many years. By giving back to Google, I believe we will see a timely updated YouTube with greater user experience from Google.

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