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Marissa Mayer brings in first Googler for Yahoo

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Since Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer took office, many people have speculated that she might bring Yahoo more Googlers. According to AllThings D, a Googler, one of Marissa Mayer's longtime PR staffers, Anne Espiritu, formally joined Yahoo.. Espiritu worked closely with Mayer at the search giant. Google has also confirmed the news.

In Google, Anne Espiritu was responsible for media and public relations of Mayer. She worked with Mayer in many consumer products. In Yahoo, she will become one of Yahoo's corporate communications department.

Since Mayer served as Yahoo CEO, talent has become the focus of her recent work.  In order to keep the existing Yahoo employees, she announced that Yahoo would provide free lunch and build a new working environment. In addition, she is also actively looking for external talent. Before formally joined Yahoo as CEO, Marissa Mayer once had some negotiations with Yahoo's board committee, requiring to improve the proportion of engineers in the overall staff of Yahoo. 

As Google's 20th employee, the first female engineer and a long term Google product manager, she has many followers in Google, from outstanding engineers to product managers. Especially over the past decade, Mayer has been in operation for a Google talent training program: Associate Product Manager (APM). This project was founded by Mayer. Google former CEO Eric Schmidt said: "APM represents Google's core value".

APM has lots of talents. The first APM trainee was a Stanford University graduates named Brian Rakowski. He was a key leader of the Chrome browser development team and now he is the department VP of Google Chrome. Wesley Chan, the second APM trainee, successfully built Google Toolbar and launched some well-known products: Google Analytics and Google Voice he is now working for Google Ventures.. Another APM trainee, Bret Taylor is well known because of Google Maps. After Taylor left Google, he became co-founder of Friendfeed, and later became CTO of Facebook.

Now a new Googler has joined Yahoo. We should not be surprised if there are more Googlers joining Yahoo in the future. Perhaps Googlers will be her first choice when looking for talent.

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