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My favorite quotes from "The design and evolution of C++"

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"The design and evolution of C++" is a book written by the inventor of C++  Bjarne stroustrup. In this book, Bjarne stroustrup presents the definitive insider's guide to the design and development of the C++ programming language. Without ommitting critical details or getting bogged down in technicalities, Stroustrup presents his unique insights into the decisions that shaped C++.

In this book, some statements are very impressive. They are concise but convey much information. Here I summarize some statements which I like most in this book.
  1. A programming language can be the most important factor in a programmer's day. However. a programming language is really a very tiny part of the world.
  2. Syntax is the language's primary user interface.
  3. C++'s greatest strength and its greatest weakness has been its C compatibility.
  4. What you don't use, you don't pay for.
  5. Don't fight the type system 
  6. If you want prohibit something, make the operation that does it a private member function
  7. A using-declaration adds to a local scope. A using-directive does not; it simply renders names accessible.
  8. To avoid confusion, a using-declaration that is a class member must name a member of a (direct or indirect) base class. To avoid problems with the dominance rule using directives are not allowed as class members.
  9. When this keyword was introduced into C with Classes, the language didn't have references and C++ borrows its terminology from Simula rather than from Smalltalk.

There are definitely more statements which are impressive. If you have your favorite statement in mind. You can freely share with us.



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