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Nokia fires the Qt team

  Peter      2012-06-26 06:57:06      3,191    0

Recently, Nokia announced that they would lay off around 10000 employees, 700 of them are developers. Among these 700 developers, 100 are the core developers of the open source project Qt.

Nokia is the main sponsor of the open source project Qt. According to Mirko Boehm, the core Qt team has around 100 people, this means that Nokia fires the whole Qt team.

He criticized Nokia's decision, he thought that a responsible CEO should persuade the team to move to other platforms.

Qt team is experienced, they are respectful in C++ development, there should be no problem for them to move to a new platform. But Nokia decides to fire the current team and hire a group of new developers.

Nokia made many mistakes in recent years.
  1. They refused to join the Android camp and later they were defeated by Android. 
  2. They still adhere to the unacceptable Symbian platform.
  3. They continue to release crap.
  4. ...

Ok, now one more mistake: fire the Qt team.

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