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Facebook hires all Pieceable employees

  Peter      2012-06-12 05:13:56      2,855    0

Facebook recently hired all employees from Pieceable, a web service provider which lets iOS app publishers deliver their apps to the browser and preview their apps in the browser. Facebook claimed that they didn't acquire Pieceable, they just hired their employees. Now Pieceable service is shut down. Currently there are around 800000 app demos on Pieceable, developers can try and show off their iPhone or iPad applications by putting their apps on Pieceable's web service.

What Facebook did disappointed those venture capitals who support Pieceable because this is not an acquisition, Facebook only hired all people from Pieceable. Pieceable announced that they would still support their users until December 31st, 2012 and later they will open source some Pieceable products to provide continuous update from the open source community.

We don't know what the employees from Pieceable will do in Facebook. According to the past experience, we can make some simple guesses: They may help Facebook build a web app which will be used to check the apps Facebook builds for mobile platforms or they may help Facebook find a better way to integrate Facebook service with iOS. Now the newly released iOS has wide social network support such as Facebook. Facebook can take this chance to enhace their cooperation with Apple.

Facebook's performance in mobile platform is unsatisfactory. Although they have so many users, but many of them are mobile users. If they cannot improve their service on mobile platforms, this will finally make them lose the potential mobile users.  Maybe Pieceable employees will help them to increase their development speed on mobile platforms.

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