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Instagram gains 78% more visits after acquired by Facebook

  Peter      2012-05-28 05:45:32      2,748    0

Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, its popularity continually heats up. Some  data shows that independent views of  Instagram surges 78%.

In April, Instagram’s website saw a 78 percent uptick in unique visitors in the U.S., making the web property of the photo-sharing phenom the highest gaining site on the Internet for the month, according to analytics firm comScore.. For an application whose all functions are present in the mobile terminal, the site of Instagram is only used as a simple introduction, such a result is especially dazzling.

In April, Instagram has a few big movements. On April 3, the Android version of Instagram was released, it was downloaded more than 1 million times in less than 24 hours. A few days later, Facebook announced a $ 1 billion ($ 300 million in cash plus 2300 million shares) acquisition of Instagram. These two actions undoubtedly led its website visits surge.

Of course, we should not think the current status and future of Instagram will be incredibly bright just because of this.
Current number of users of Instagram are more than 50 million, but its acquisition will be formally completed until later this year, while Facebook's stock price is not satisfactory, it's listed on the opening price of $42, as Instagram value of up to $ 1.27 billion Facebook's stock price as low as $ 31.91 now, as Instagram value dropped to $ 1.034 billion a $236 million loss.

If Facebook later can integrate Instagram into its main site, and let Facebook users process their photos easily. It may increase the visits to Instagram's website further since there are over 900million registered users and also because the current Facebook photo sharing process sucks.

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