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If programming language is a knife, what would it be?

  陈皓      2012-04-21 00:52:22      16,963    2

The following diagram shows that if is a programming language is a knife, what would it be.? This figure I personally feel very interesting.

I try to give my  explanation for some languages  here:.

  • C + +, C and Pascal are the Swiss Army knife. The knife of the C language has a USB, that can do hardware operation. C++, a knife with everything, C + + is a variety of languages​​. Swiss army knife (figure C+ + is very powerful, do not think that it is fictional, this knife is real, called Wenger a giant knife, army-knife
  • Java / C # is a plastic donning knife, indicating that Java and C # language with a virtual machine, and the syntax and use is not as complex as  C++ , its generic programming can have a variety of ways, while the Java and C # generic programming is relatively simple.
  • Python is electric saw, it is very powerful, it's much more handy than C++ / C / Java when dealing with large objects, but for some fine tuning. obviously not. This is similar to Ruby.
  • PHP without MySQL, obviously a sense of humor. Recently PHP receives more and more criticism , however, facebook PHP engine HiPo is very excellent.
  • Perl is a Japanese samurai swords,  a language played by ninja .
  • VB, is a toy. Have you ever seen a knife with a plastic toy spoon?
  • The Haskell is from other planets, I guess.

Some of the explanations may not be very detailed or may be wrong. This is just my point of view. If you have any better explanations or you have your own opinions. Please kindly comment below.

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michael [Reply]@ 2012-04-21 07:32:49
The diagram actually shows that the person who created the diagram doesn't know very much about programming languages. Ruby for instance, is very much like Lisp. As is Javascript. Yeah I get the joke -- he thinks Lisp and Basic are not programming languages and that one other language (php) is only a programming language if it is paired up with his personal favorite of the many data stores it can effectively use. Sigh...
Paolo [Reply]@ 2012-04-22 10:21:00
Very funny, but the C language should be a planner, since if you are able to use it you can do great things, but if you are not careful using it, you can make great damages!


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