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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd : IBM PureSystem is far behind Oracle

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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd had an interview with Chinese media in San Francisco on 19th April. Mark Hurd first introduced different levels of Oracle's overall strategy: 1) the product must achieve best among similar products; 2) system open, vertical integration to provide customers with maximum performance; 3) Industry specific solutions; 4) give users the right to choose and the integration of the cloud environment (private cloud, public cloud, mixed cloud). In addition, Mark Hurd share his own views about a few hot topics.

1. Acquisition strategy: an important supplement to
R & D / product system

Mark Hurd: Oracle continues to invest in independent research and development. We invested $ 4.5 billion in 2011, it is expected to be more than five billion dollars
this year. Acquisition is an important complement to the existing R & D and product system. Oracle has a detailed acquisition plan and a strong ability to integrate. Once find the target, quickly make a deal and rapidly integrate them with Oracle products with a unified platform . Basically, after one month the integrated products will be able to on-line.

Mark Hurd cited two acquisition cases of this year: Oracle spent $ 1.9 billion on acquiring talent management software provider Taleo and cloud computing
customer service provider RightNow Technologies. Both of them are strong complements to the existing Oracle Human Resource Management, call center and customer service..

2. A comprehensive look at the Chinese market: not limited to existing product lines, to increase local innovation

Mark Hurd: China will likely become the world's largest economy in the future, Oracle will continue to increase R & D and services, investment in China, and it will help Chinese customers to grow together. Oracle needs a more comprehensive look at the Chinese market, not limited to existing product lines, R & D center in China (Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, ...) will focus more on localization and R & D.

3. Service (consulting): active ecosystem of partners to expand business coverage

Mark Hurd: Oracle has two kinds of service income:: 1) product revenue (for follow-up services and operations of Oracle products), the current results are very satisfying 2) Consulting services ,there are 260,000 to 270 000 Oracle certified professionals
on the market today, among them 20,000 are Oracle employees, the remaining 260,000 are from our partners. A large number of consulting services are provided by our partners. Oracle is going to help and train more partners. It will also help Oracle grow fast by using the large ecosystem of partners.

4. Review IBM integrated hardware/software  system - PureSystem

Mark Hurd: "wow, so far, I only saw
this thing in the newspaper.  In my opinion, it's just server + storage + a series of low-end platform for integration and superposition, and it is even not a real integrated hardware/software system. Ex series of Oracle Exadata, Exlogic, Exalytics have a fully integrated solution with multi-level integration technology from the bottom to the top  Exadata's DRAM, Flash, Infiniband, the column-type compression technology have not been seen in PureSystem. Oracle launched integrated hardware and software strategy which becomes the industry trends, other vendors are to imitate but can not do.

5. Cloud computing: a comprehensive solution to allow customers freedom of choice

Mark Hurd: SaaS income has more than one billion dollars now, the architecture of and Amazon cloud services vendors use Oracle products. This year we will announce a new cloud strategy. Oracle's cloud business will grow fast in the future, the customer will have the freedom to choose the capacity of the cloud services. For example, a PeopleSoft customer does not have to change the entire PeopleSoft environment to access HCM and access to talent management applications from the cloud. Oracle will lead the
cloud computing industry development. As the only  vendor which can provide the overall cloud services, Oracle has the world's best programmers, they are fully engaged in the research and development of cloud computing.

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