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Work is not challenging is just an excuse in interview?

  ZiJinShi      2012-04-18 07:03:12      3,115    0

Usually when an interviewer asks the interviewee why he/she wants to change his/her job, one answer may be "My current job is not challenging, I want a more challenging job.". The interviewer may tend to think that there are always challenges everywhere and why the interviewee indulges himself/herself without putting much effort on his/her work.
Here I want to say something to our interviewers. Work challenging is not equal to personal indulgence.
The work is challenging which is an objective factor; while personal indulgence is a subjective factor. I admit personal attitude is an very important factor that affects one's judgement about one job, but it is not the only one, the working environment also plays an important role.

Think of myself, I attended an interview last week, and one of the reasons that
I want to change my job is that the work environment has little help to enhance my skills. On hearing my words, he interviewer may think: "So he relies on the work environment to improve his skills, this guy may has little initiative. " He may concluded that no challenge at work is just an excuse for changing the job.

In my opinion, one premise: to the correctness of this conclusion is that you still find the job is not challenging when the company's environment allows you to express your views about a product or function and it allows you to take the time to consider how to make the product or function perfect. I believe some companies may have this kind of environment such as Amazon. However, many companies have a different environment, most likely, during task allocation, the product manager may tell you what to do, how long to complete. Of course, we may be able to discuss with our product managers to express our opinions, but often our opinions will not be endorsed. Perhaps the product manager has too much pressure from clients and he wants you to complete this immediately and move to next task.

Of course, I have to admit even if we write repeated code every day, we still get improved. For example, it may make us think about performance optimization, code refactoring and usability when we write these repeated codes. However, this improvement is relatively small, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough. In other words, the improvement achieved in one year in this kind of work environment may only take a month in another work environment. If there is an optimal (or suboptimal) solutions, the optimal solution is of course more cost-effective than other options.

Therefore, when a person mentioned that the work is boring and not challenging, it does not necessarily mean he failed at finding challenges. Before reaching a conclusion, it is best to ask him why he think the job is not challenging? If the working environment does not allow him to express his own thoughts, or at work, he has their own level of ability to play to the ultimate, I think he is qualified to say that work is not challenging.

In conclusion : the working environment and the personal attitude are both very important at working, we can not subjectively deny one's personal attitude
just because someone mentioned that "My job is not challenging".

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