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Foursquare : 20 million users and 2 billion check-ins

  Yong Zhang      2012-04-17 13:39:14      1,814    0

Yesterday was the Foursquare third annual 4sqDay celebration (Four - squared open four square, ie April 16), this mobile phone service site which is based on user location information confirmed that their users reached 20 million and there were two billion check-ins.

Foursquare was founded in 2009 and it is
a mobile phone service website based on the user location information .It encourages mobile phone users to share their current geographic location and other information with others. In contrast to other old-fashioned website, Foursquare's user interface is designed specifically for mobile phones to facilitate mobile phone users. Foursquare's emergence is a good example of effective integration of traditional Internet and the mobile Internet.

Foursquare's official website said if users signed in on April 16, they could get 2012 4sqDay badge. It is learned that Foursquare announced that April 16 of every year is 4sqDay day of celebration in 2010.

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley said that Foursquare users reached 15 million
in November last year, nearly 20 million in March this year.

Foursquare is not as popular as Instagram and it doesn't maintain a rapid growth as Instagram as well. However, with Foursquare's steady growth, we believe that Foursquare's prospects and future is very bright. Also the biggest competitor of Foursquare: Gowalla and Facebook have quit the competition.

So far, this New York company has received $ 71 million investment in June last year, Foursquare raised $50 million when its market value was estimated of $600million.

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