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Does mobile application need architecture design?

  caowenbin      2012-04-12 11:14:37      3,839    0

Looking back to the history of PC software development a dozen years ago there was no  software architecture design, the consequence of this was that there would be a high cost on software maintainability and scalability. Later, people recognized the importance of software architecture and started to make the concept of software architecture mature. Now almost all software will have architecture design which has been the consensus of the software development companies and developers.

Similarly, mobile application is also software,  architecture design can also bring many benefits to mobile apps development.

Architecture design can promote common understanding of the software among different participants. Software development process is a long time journey, there are many participants, including business executives, investors, product managers, developers, testers, and so on.  The implementation of the development process can be promoted only based on
the same understanding of the software architecture among all these participants. Based on the architecture design, the team can understand the project better.

rchitecture design defines software structure and run-time behavior. Architecture design provides
the static structure of the software, dynamic behavior, and the physical deployment by decomposing different stages of software development. It provides the basis for the entire development.

Architecture design to ensure the realization of the core functionality. Architecture design focus on the core needs. Architecture design with verification can guarantee the realization of the software's core functionality, thereby reducing the risk of failure of the enterprise software development.

rchitecture design is the basis of the software development process management. When doing architecture design, designers need to consider hardware, software, and personnel factors, so the architecture provides a basis for planning and task decomposition, which will help project managers allocate development resources reasonably and manage development process easily.

Architecture design for the reuse of resources and sustainable development. Software has its own life. During the life cycle of software development, some common modules can be reused in other software development. Architecture design can plan the reusable resource at the beginning.

Of course, the benefits of architecture design are much more than those listed above, these benefits are also applicable to mobile application development. Software with
architecture design has more vitality and adaptability . Mobile applications also need architecture design.

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